Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Inner Piranha

I'm writing three (3) "inner piranha" posts today. But I'm not copying and pasting, nor am I memorizing what I wrote at the other blog. Since this is the second one, there's only one that's already written. After this one I still have one to go. There may be some duplication, because my doctrine of the inner piranha is not extremely detailed.

The last one I remember I started off saying "My inner piranha is a very tired fish tonight." So I'll vary that, change it up a bit ... and hope you enjoy what is about to follow. When I get all three I will come back and post the link to the other two, so that you, the person seeking to learn about the inner piranha can do so with greater ease.

My inner piranha, at times so full of life, tonight is one tired fish. It has been swimming all day, engaged in lots of hunting for decent meat to munch on.

I have depended on my inner piranha today to get several tasks done. I needed to have some true intensity in these tasks, yet I needed to come across as someone casual enough to go with the flow. The piranha knows the needs of my life and what we need to do to maintain a more or less healthy symbiotic relationship. I scratch his fins, he scratches mine.

But like I said, the fish is tired tonight. Because at some point, the varied and challenging tasks of the day took a lot of my energy. Meaning I depended on my inner piranha to do a lot of work -- guiding me and enlivening me -- and now I'm worn down. And unfortunately the fish didn't get a lot out of it. He needs his munching time too. He needs his sustenance.

Your inner piranha is like a force for good or a force for dissolution. Good for you, the organism needing his energy. But he needs energy too, and lacking a proper source, he gets the energy where he can, which might mean feeding on you. The inner piranha exists within the void of each of our cells. And if he turns on those cells, you can see there's not much future for you or it.

I should have taken better care of my inner piranha, but lately I've been saying Manana, piranha, and we can't keep going on like that. These challenges are going to become more challenging if I have to engage them without his energy. But I need to help replenish his energy, his essential drive.

Without that, I may die ... and he will die as well.

[UPDATE: The first of the three "inner piranha" posts is at Boy Leg. It is a shorter post than the second one above. The third is also longer, at dbkundalini.]